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Skin Care Classes- 2016
What School Dont Teach YOU!!!  Female Brazilian Course (3 credits) or Male Brazilian (3credits)
(Hands On)   
What you will learn:
How to perform brazilians   
Tips & Tricks to the trade
Great products and techniques to ease discomfort
Quick removal techniques
Several body positions for the brazilian method
Background Knowledge
How to introduce and market to your clients
How to price your services
what you need to provide the services
Who can attend: Cosmetologist, Instructor, Estheticians.Cost $99                                          

Speed Body Waxing Who can Attend: C, E, T (3 credits)
(Hands On)
This course is designed to give professionals quick tips, and new services ideas as well as more techniques to get
the job done and fast. Focusing on how to market and build your ticket with waxing and how to perform effective and quick waxing.
Cost $9

"Nufree" Hair Removal System Course Who can Attend: C, E, T/ I  New Class!!! (3 credits)
This course is designed to provide the professional with the proper knoweledge, background, tools needed to
effectively remove hair: The NUFREE WAY!!!! Learn why its know as a painfree system, with special techniques
and products to sooth even your most sensitive client. $105

Adding Facial & Body Waxing to the Menu     Who can Attend: C, E, T/ I
(Hands On Class) 3 ceu credits
Join us for a power packed fun filled class focusing on mostly body waxing with all you ever wanted to know about wax for big body
areas, brazilian men and women, how to avoid problems, quick and easy removal, product knowledge, effective records, how to
easy collaborate to students, proper consultations.
This course is designed for a cosmetologist who wants to start offering  more than just hair services, a teacher who needs to stay
in with the trends of waxing or the esthetican who didn't get much practice with general waxing  and wants to get more comfortable.
In this class we exemplify all you need for start of all facial and body waxing services. How to properly perform the services and
tricks and tips to the most effective waxing services. We will help you come up with marketing strategies and how to introduce
services to client base. The important of client intake and release forms etc.Cost: $70

Intro to Eyelash Extensions   Who can Attend: C,E, I
(Look & Learn) 2 credits
Join us for one of "THE" most popular service in the skin care industry. Add Extra revenue with a introduction to temporary
and semipermenent eyelash applications. We will focus on safety precautions, Proper applications of extensions, removal,
marketing, and how to build a client base in this area. $50

Eyelash Extension Certification     Who can Attend: C, E, I
Hands on w/ Model 4 credits (Tool included)
This advanced training focus on semi permanent individual eyelash extensions, Which give clients long lasting lashes up to 2
months. You will learn what supplies need, hands on training, sanitation, and disease/disorder,  Proper Placement, Techniques for
the best results, Marketing, Resources and more.$500 (
$100 deposit will hold your seat)

Specialty & Acne Facials         Who can attend: C,E, I    Hands On 3 credits
Join us for this dynamic course that gives you the necessary knowledge of the equipment, tools, and products needed to effectively
give your clients relief from Acne and other skin problems.$90

New!! Specialty Shape Bikini Course: Who can attend: C, E, I Hands On 3 credits
This is a fun class that introduces a variety of shapes like landing strip, heart shape and creative add on services to offer your
hands on application of how to  $99
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