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10 Reasons to get our Products:

  • Make creative gift bags for the holidays
  • Provide to clients that sent referrals/client appreciations
  • Retail to customers
  • Create Specialty Menu for clients
  • Save revenue on Backbar
  • Host a party with hand and/or foot demos
  • Include with your Body Wrap/Body Scrub services
  • Add to any manicure and/or pedicure
  • Share with family and friends
  • Earn Extra Income on a product that sells itself

For hand, foot, & body; Includes spatula
Peppermint, Chocolate, Coconut delight, Citrus, Floral, Original, Sensitive
8oz   $8.00                              64 oz  bulk   $50.00
                                                                   (Buy Bulk & Save $25.00 35% more free)
Skin Naturals  
Organic Face, Neck & Body Bar Treatment
Tea tree & Eucalptus,  Energizing w/Citrus
bar  $7.00ea.                                                   5-10 $6.00                     
Soy Candles
Peace/ Confidence/ Rejuenating/ Calming
16oz        1-5 $15.00                                 5-10 $14.00                        

Room Refresher & Body Sprays
Lavender, Floral, Peppermint, Chocolate
         6oz.    1-5  $7.00                                           5-10 $6.00                                     
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