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Nail Classes- 2016
Gel Color to Profits!         Who can Attend: C, M, T
Hands on Course 3 credits
Ready to add more modern services to your salon menu. Learn all about products, application and how to give your clients creative
polish that last up to 2wks. as well as tips and tricks to make it last. Nail Art w/Gel Color etc.
Includes complimentary Career Handbook by NAILS. Cost $80

Advance Nail Art of 2017    Who can Attend: C,M,T  
(Hands on)  3 Credits
Get your creativity out with designing nails from basic designs such as lines and dots, gems, Checkers, S curves, C curves, to
more advanced things such as fish tails, marbelizing, single and double loading, flowers, sceneries, tricolor designing, and beyond
advanced for print/publication such as 3d figures, Acrylic sculptures, Asymmetric Designing, Textured & Fabric Designing and
more. Spice up your manicure and pedicures with this great add on service that can of course increase your bottom line or Thinking
about competing? Just view the cover of some of your Nail trade publications it includes what you will learn in this class. Packed
with lots of information. Fun Class to attend! Complimentary Career Handbook & Nail Magazine Subscription. $99

Sculptures, Overlays, & Tips   Who can attend:C, M, T
(Hands on) 3 credits
Join us for a great information with a class packed with advanced information on enhancing nail extension services. How to
transition your clients, Quick sculpting and how to cut time for a full set of acrylics, combating lifting and problems with acrylics, and
how to give clients a natural looking overlay minus the weight and bulk of acrylics. Free career handbook and NAILS Magazine
subscription. $99

All About Gel Nails   Who can Attend: Cosmetologist, Nail Tech, or Teacher
(Hands on) 4 credits
Master the techniques in preparation of  performing gel services, application and post procedures for fill ins and building with gel
as well as performing gel with tips. Great for beginners and intermediate who want to build up speed or even if you happen to know
nothing regarding gels you will leave with lots of information to start. $110

Help My Acrylic Nails are Lifting       Who can Attend: C,M, T          
(Hands on) 3 credits  
Designed to focus on lifting problems, ball placements, preparation procedures, post procedures, product knowledge and
individual assessment to help  troubleshoot problem areas. Tap into the world of colored acrylic.
Do you provide natural nail services for fear of your enhancements not lasting or maybe you just do pedicures. Whatever the case
this class is filled with all the knowledge and skills you need to start increasing your revenue with artificial enhancements $99

Acrylic Application:101    Who can Attend: C, M, T
(Hands on)  3 credits
Intense preparation,application, and post procedures of acrylic nails. The fundamentals of how to be successful in nails whether
you are a nail tech and need to figure out where you go wrong, a stylist looking to add nails to your service menu, or  a salon owner
wanting the knowledge of nails to be more well rounded.  Learn proper ball placement and Product Ratio;
Complimentary CAREER HANDBOOK  &  Nails Magazine Subscription Cost $99

Specialty Services w/ Aromatherapy & Reflexology Who can Attend: C,M, T
(Hands on)  4 credits
3 in 1 Class-Reflexology techniques and advanced massaging techniques that keep your clients coming back for more,using
aromatherapy, essential oils and background of using the senses to wow your client base as well as using that knowledge to
create new products that produces more revenue, creating specialty services giving you the basics of how to start with what
products and ingredients, natural nail services and fundamentals for great efficient services. No supplies needed.
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