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Hair Classes- 2016
Introduction to Lacefront  Who can attend: C, I  2 credit (correspondence course only)
Great for any hair loss client or any one who wants a great natural look, or a change from their current style, Easy application with
proper tools and training. This gets you started as to what you need to perform th service, how to successful apply and remove, how
to care for your lacefront system and more.  $20

How to Color, Cut & Style Short Hair  Who can Attend: C, I (2 credit hours)
In this course we demonstrate on how to properly thermally style the hair with short, creative color placement and creative cuts .  $50
May 18 Raleigh

Color & Highlighting           Who can Attend: C, I  (3 credit hours) or (6 credit hours)
You dont want to miss this trendy course that provides demonstrations of creative highlighting and color patterns.
Designed to give professionals advanced knowledge and tricks of the trade to avoid problems that sometimes come
with these chemical services. $99                                    $150

Hair Braiding: 101  Who can Attend: C, I ( 3 credit hours) New Class!!!  
This course is a discussion and demonstration of various ways to apply braiding styles for weddings, a night out, and even those
who want the perfect foundation for a sew in extension. Learn several methods of braiding and a easy to apply method of basics of
braiding for beginners. Proper way to avoid breakage, and more tips to effectiveness. $9

Updos & Braids   Who can attend: C, I (2 credit hours)
Classic,creative and basic updo demo and knowledge and new braid techniques that have became popular in the last few years.
Great for those who want to perfect their technique, learn some new techniques, find out how to cut time, and even those who dont
do updos but want to learn the basis of getting started. We touch on the business for Updos like Brides! $65

Full Hair Extension Certification   8 credits
(Hands on)   Full Day $995 include tools
This certification will definitely take you and your business to levels you have never seen before. You will be provide with a certified
seal of approval from learning over 13 hair extension techniques. Thermal Fusion, Cold Fusion , Elastic Extensions, Sewn, Micro,
Interlocking and much more. Tool included.( 50% Deposits or payment plan required to hold your seat)

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Fusion Extension Certification   4 credits
(Hands on w/ Model) Time: Half Day $500 Kit Included
This certification will increase your revenue tremendously as this is the #1 hair extension services. Receive  certification in the
application, maintenance, and removal of fusion extensions as well as discussion on marketing, insurance, and contract.  Help
Desk Assistance, Listing on our site under your state, Wholesale Pricing for Hair after you receive your certification. 50% Deposits

Multicolor Highlighting   Who can Attend: C, T (3 credits)
(Hands on )
Join us for this trendy class of quick and easy slicing and weaving basic highlight effects, trendy two tone effects, how to tone and
designing customized looks with highlighting for client base. Learn how to build your speed and achieving your desired results by
choosing the appropriate product. We will also perform over 6  new funky  techniques to add to your skills. $110

Mastering the Art of Clipper Cutting      Who Can Attend: C,T
(Hands on) 2 ceu credits
Designed to assist those with blending and taper challenges. Tips and Tricks of the trade to the perfect cut.
Quick and easy ways to cut your time  but still providing the same great clipper cut. Cost $65

Cutting to Perfection   Who can Attend: C,T
(Hands on) 3 Ceu credits
Advanced clipper blending helping to provide quick and easy cut, new trendy cutting styles and basic cutting techniques,razor
layered cuts,  and correct method of body positioning and shear knowledge. Tired of seeing the same ol'e boring layers and Blunt
cuts. Well come join us in this class where hands on experience in the most sought after cuts and styles like Fades for the men,
short cropped styles for ladies, designer bangs, textured hair cuts, layered bobs, asymmetric and angled cuts, New and quick ways
of giving your clients the same quality haircuts but with a quicker techniques at the same time keep the quality of a great looking
haircut. So whether your refreshing, recent graduate or ready for some new looks this class has something for everyone.  $110

The Perfect Sewn Extensions  Who can Attend: C, I * New Class
(Hands on)  2 ceu credits
This class focus on several methods for sewn extensions, how to give the best quick sew in, the best tools, how to perform
consultations. Tricks and Tips for all types of hair textures. Cost $70
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