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Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST

4 Easy Payment Options:
  1. Online Registration/ Instant Payment Option: Follow instructions in each category.
In order to attend the class you must have a confirmed seat provided on your confirmation email
In which you will receive after form have been completed properly.

Pay by Phone: Call 919-847-8323

Mail Payment: (Note: check or money orders takes 7-10 business days for clearance.)
Please: Do not send a registration form online if you mail your payment.
Write down information that is on the registration form and send with payment instead.
(Call for details)

Frequent Questions & Answers
Find help here...

Do i need to bring anything with me to the class?
Provide your State Board license and id for verification of proper information for you to receive credit.
If any supplies are needed we will make you aware of that information on your confirmation email.

Is my payment secure when i pay online?
Yes, you enter your credit card or debit card  and you dont have to give anyone your information,
We use the most secure and company trusted by Business Owners all over the world.

What if i get lost and am late attending the scheduled class?
Preparation is the key anyone late after the class will have to re register for another course.

Do i have to send my information to the state board?
No, The provider will submit your information as required in a timely manner.
There have been times when an attendee may provide the wrong license number. With that said please make sure
your information is correct since sometimes it hold others from having their hours put in on time.
If you register for an online class in GA you send in your information.

Ive been in the industry for 15 years are there any classes for me?
Yes, there are always new trends and techniques as well as refreshers to help you in your career.

Where are your classes held?
We have classes in major cities throughout NC,SC, GA, OH area and private classes for groups of 5-10 people

What is your refund policy?
We gladly transfer your payment to any class convenient for you any time and/or date within 90 days, There are
also other unusual circumstances such as being late or no call/no show in which will be ineligible.

What to do after i send my online payment?
Nothing. We will send you a confirmation email the same business day via email if you register by 5pm otherwise
the next business day. It is your responsibility to make sure your email address is correct and contact information
has been provided. If you paid for an online class in GA we will send the course to your email.

I paid for a class and i didn't get a confirmation?
These are the main reasons you don't get your confirmation.
1. Your Email address was returned as undeliverable
Please make sure your email is working properly
2. You mailed the check but no registration information was included?
In order for us to confirm your seat we must have the proper date,class, and etc. information
3.You have not allowed 7-10 days if you paid by a check
If you send a money order this doesnt apply. But ALL checks apply.
4. If all of the above are correct, we may have made a mistake send an email/call.
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