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DVD Tutorials
Acrylic Application
1 hour
  • Troubleshooting lifting problems
  • Advanced application techniques
  • Preapplication/PostApplication Efficiency

How to Perform Aromatherapy Services
30 minutes                    
  • What is Aromatherapy
  • How to create & market your services
  • Service Suggestions
  • Demos
  • Product Knowledge

Beginners Guide to Nail Art
1 hour
  • Basic Strokes, Techniques, & Designs
  • Color Selection

Extravagent  Nail Art
1 hour
  • Freehand Designs
  • 3D Art Sculpting & Design Magazine Cover Nails

Extending your Services w/ Extensions
2  hour
  • Five extension techniques
  • What type of hair to use
  • Troubleshooting and Tips for success
  • No braiding required!

Creativity of Cutting
1 hour
  • Texturizing
  • Advanced Layering Techniques
  • One Step Cutting

Fusion Application DVD
1.5 hour                       
  • Length Application
  • Color Application
  • Volume Application
  • Highlight Application
  • Removal steps
  • Tips/Tricks
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Brazilian Waxing
45min  $30

Variety of techiniques and textures to learn from
this dvd.Great for salon training or to learn
something new!
Just what is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is a waxing technique that
removes all or partial hair with a variety of styles
from the bikini area. Comes with information
sheet explain the various methods of waxing
(over 5 models of hands on education)
Gigi Brazilian Wax DVD
30 min
Beginners: Women Brazilian
Waxing Instructional DVD.
An educational video detailing
the Brazilian Bikini Wax hair
removal technique.
Advanced massaging with
reflexology, hot stone
additions to services,
express services for men
and women.
Fabulous Flowers DVD $60.00
~ Best stones to use for hot stone
reflexology, including which stones best
conduct and hold heat.
~ How to set up the equipment and heat
the stones to the proper temperature.
~ How to incorporate massage oil and
essential oils into the hot stone
reflexology protocol.
~ Care and cleaning of the stones.
~ Precautions, recap and review.
~ How to work with reflex zones
Cuccio Naturale Spa
Treatments & Techniques
DVD includes Nail, Hand
& Foot Care: Bella mani,
papaya hand facial, milk
& honey manicure and
pedicure, innovative tips,
cuccio for men,
hydra-massage treatment,
bella pedicure
This is the video everyone needs to wear
out. A nail tech could watch this video
100 times and still improve their
techniques. Tammy demonstrates and
explains every detail of preparation,
application, nail forms, filing and tricks of
the trade. This is a definite for the nail
techs’ video library. (48:00 min)
Contemporary, acoustic,
instrumental music for
massage meditation, yoga,
aromatherapy, relaxation,
stress-relief or for pure
Professional body waxing techniques
are simplified with this exclusive
step-by-step guide presented by
Janet Weybright. With over 35 years
experience in the hair removal
industry, Ms. Weybright teaches you
the fine points of male body waxing
underarms, bikini, leg, back.
5 Commercial
styles with 4 colour
processes. 3 Men's
styles with 3 Colour
Inspire Vol. #54 hair fashion for
women featuring COLOR showcases
more than 350 great photos of today"s
newest trends in cut, color, and
celebrity styles. Your clients will love
the exciting shades and
styles...COLOR IS IN. Hard cover.
Short Hair, Medium Hair, Long Hair,
Celebrities, Creative Color. Also
included is a separate 53 page, 7
designs , step-by-step technical
booklet $50

- Building Your Business - Over 100 ways to creative Marketing
-"Get me Ready"Salon Startup Kit & Checklist
-Aromatherapy "How to" Guide To make products and services
-Getting Noticed in the Beauty Industry
-Inspiration & Empowering "Dont Give Up"
-Boothrent to Ownership Fundamentals
-Small Business Management
     $15 Each                    
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