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~Boothrenting & Commission to Salon Ownership
(Lecture) 4 hrs
So you want to know if you have what it takes to be a business owner, take our test. Go through our list of must have's to be a successful business
owner, we teach you everything from start up revenue, taxes, business options, operational tactics, marketing strategies, hiring, how to find the right
location, how to profit from your business and so much more. If you own a business now and its not where you want it to be you NEED to attend.
Manuals are included.

~Hair Extension Certification    Who can Attend: C,CT
This certification will definitely take you and your business to levels you have never seen before. You will be provide with a certified seal of approval
from learning over 13 hair extension techniques. Fusion, Microlinks, Elastic Band, Sewn, Twist, Micro, Interlocking and much more. Tool
included.(GA Instructors receive 7.5 credits)(Deposits required)
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Fusion Certification   Who can Attend: C,T
This certification will increase your revenue tremendously as this is the #1 hair extension services. Tool included. Receive a certifed seal in the
application, maintenance, and removal of fusion extensions as well as discussion on marketing, insurance, and contract. Deposits are required

Multicolor Highlighting       Who can Attend: C, T

Join us for this trendy class of your quick and easy slicing and weaving basic highlight effects, trendy two tone effects, toning and designing customized looks
with highlighting for each individual client. Learn how to build your speed and achieving your desired results by choosing the appropriate product.
You will also learn over 6 new techniques to add to your skills.

Mastering the Art of Clipper Cutting       Who can Attend: C, T

Designed to assist those with blending and taper challenges. Tips and Tricks of the trade to the perfect cut.

All About Gel Nails        Who can Attend: C, M, T

Master the techniques of preparations of  performing gel services with application and post procedures for fill ins and building with gel as well as performing
gel with tips

Help: My Acrylic Nails are Lifting       Who can Attend: C, M, T

Designed to focus on lifting problems, ball placements, preparation procedures, post procedures, product knowledge and individual assessment to help you
troubleshoot problem areas.
Do you provide natural nail services for fear of your enhancements not lasting or maybe you just do pedicures. Whatever the case this class is filled with all the
knowledge and skills you need to start increasing your revenue with artificial enhancements.

Cutting to Perfection       Who can Attend: C, T

Intense clipper blending and shaping, new trendy and basic cutting techniques, razor cuts, waxing and correct method of shaping and more. No supplies
needed. Tired of seeing the same ol'e boring layers and Blunt cuts. Well come join us in this class where you get hands on experience in the most sought
after cuts and styles like Fades for the men, short cropped styles for ladies, designer bangs, textured hair cuts, layered bobs, asymmetric and angled cuts,
New and quick ways of giving your clients the same quality haircuts but with a quicker techniques. So whether your refreshing your basics and not to long
graduated or ready for some new looks this class has something for everyone.

Specialty Services w/Aromatherapy and Reflexology      Who can Attend: C, M, T

Reflexology techniques and advanced massaging techniques that keep your clients coming back for more,using aromatherapy, essential oils and background
of using the senses to wow your client base as well as using that knowledge to create new products that produces more revenue, creating specialty services
giving you the basics of how to start with what products and ingredients, natural nail services and fundamentals for great efficient services , as well as creative
marketing & business strategies. No supplies needed. Complimentary CAREER HANDBOOK AND NAILS MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED

Extensions, Color, & Updos       Who can Attend: C, T

New color placement and peek a boo techniques. Trendy effects with extensions and color, extension practice of  multiple techniques; learn the ends and outs
of what makes them last so long, dos and don't of each technique and what makes them different, suggestive price and how to rate your services regardless
of what the competitors charge. Classic,creative and basic updo demo and knowledge. Even learn the basics of what you need to know to create long lasting
extension services. Great for those who want to perfect their
technique, learn some new techniques, find out how to cut time, and even those who don't know anything or have never done extensions.

Acrylic Application        Who can Attend: C, M, T

Intense preparation,application, and post procedures of acrylic nails. No supplies needed. The fundamentals of how to be successful in nails whether you are
a nail tech and need to figure out where you go wrong, a stylist looking to add nails to your service menu, or  a salon owner wanting the knowledge of nails to
be more rounded.  Learn proper ball placement, Product Ratio, Complimentary CAREER HANDBOOK AND NAILS MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED

What school dont teach: Advanced Brazilian Waxing        Who can Attend: C,E, T

So are you kind of curious about how to perform, need more practice and want to learn all there is to know to perform this popular procedure. This is for you.
We will go over all the basics of effective and advanced body waxing and tips and tricks to the trade that saves your client alot of pain and saves you time as

Creative Eyelash Application     Who can Attend: C,E, T

Great for proms, weddings, addition to makeup services, also a wonderful way to give your clients that extra something they are looking for to make their eyes
stand out or to recreate short thin lashes. In this course we will go over diseases and disorders, proper application of eyelashes and demos.

Advanced Nail Art 2015     Who can Attend: C,M, T

Get your creativity out with designing nails from basic designs such as lines and dots, gems, Checkers, S curves, C curves, to more advanced
things such as marbelizing, single and double loading, flowers, sceneries, tricolor designing, and beyond advanced for print/publication such as
3d figures, fabric nails, acrylic sculptures, Asymmetric Designing, Textured Designing and more. Spice up your manicure and pedicures with this
great add on service that can of course increase your bottom line or Thinking about competing? Just open look on the cover of some of your
Nail trade publications it includes what you will learn in this class. Packed with lots of information. Fun Class to attend!

~ Planning For Success      Who can Attend: T

This course focus on the business aspect of the beauty industry. Effective & Strategic planning to reach your goals, Communication with all
those you deal on a daily basis,Change that sets you where you need to be, Bringing out the best in everyone through  positive activities  and

~Introduction to Lacefront   Who can Attend: C, CT
(Correspondence Internet Course) 2 credits
Great for any hair loss client, Easy application with proper tools and training. This gets your started as to what you need to perform, how to
successful apply and remove, how to care for your lacefront system and more.

~Professional Lacefront Application  Who can Attend: C, CT
(Hands on) 2 credits
If you know nothing about this procedure or need to perfect your technique. Great for clients w/ balding and alopecia, anyone who has been
trough cancer and great procedure to learn for clients who likes a professional look but no time to do so. Learn the application, products,
remove, and tips and tricks to keeping this system looking good and unmovable.

~Facial & Body Waxing       Who can Attend: C, E, T
(Hands On) 8 credits
This course is great for cosmetologist who want to start offering  more than just hair services, a teacher who needs to stay in with the trends of
waxing or the esthetician who didn't get much practice and wants to get more comfortable with offering more waxing services. In this class we
exemplify all you need for start of all facial and some body waxing services. How to properly perform the services and tricks and tips to the most
effective waxing services. We will help you come up with marketing strategies and how to introduce services to client base.

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Online Correspondence Course:
Introduction to Lacefront Course 2 credits
Getting Noticed in the Beauty Industry Course 2 credits
Planning for Ownershp Course 2 credits
Building Your Business  Course 2 credits
All About Aromatherapy & Services 4 credits
Advanced Knowledge of Haircoloring 4 credits
Skincare: Sanitation, Safety, Equipment, & Tools 4 credits
Nailcare: Sanitation, Safety, Equipment, & Tools 4 credits
Haircare: Sanitation, Safety, Equipment, & Tools 4 credits

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On Location Courses 2016


May 8, 2017              Heart to Heart Tour: Michelle Brown

May 8, 2017               What school dont teach: Female Brazilian Waxing 3 ceu

                                  Whaat school dont teach: Male Brazilian Waxing 3 ceu

May 9, 2017                Speed Waxing 3ceu

                                 Eyelash Extension Certification 3ceu

May 10, 2017            I want big TIPS 3 ceu

                                Help: My Acrylic Nails are Lifting 3 ceu

                                Hair Braiding 101 3ceu

                                The Perfect Sew In 3 ceu

                                Specialty Shape Bikini Course 3 ceu


May 1
6, 2017            What school dont teach female brazilian waxing 3 ceu

                                 What school dont teach male brazilian waxing 3 ceu

                                 Advanced Nail Art 2017 3 ceu

                                 Fusion Extension Certification 4 ceu

May 1
5, 2017             Heart to Heart Tour

                                 Fusion Extension Certification

                                Eyelash Extension Certification

May 22, 2017             Heart to Heart Tour

                                 Full Hair Extension Certification

                                 Fusion Extension Certification

                                 Eyelash Extension Certification                               

                                 more classes coming soon....
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